First Brother Adam
Nationality Unknown
Spouse None
Children None
Title First Brother of the Blazing Temple
Born 288
Died 400
Cause of Death Banished to spirit realm
Religion Lord of Fire

Adam was First Brother of the Blazing Temple in the years following the assassination of the Blazing Avatar in 358.

A schism quickly developed in the church between Adam and Chief Inquisitor Paco. Letters purportedly from Adam to rulers across Telluris requested them to send tutors to join Paco for an unspecified purpose, and a number of rulers complied. In 366, however, Lady Lyra of Lyradis visited the Temple and spoke to Adam, learning that the letters had apparently been forged by Paco and that the former Chief Inquisitor had been declared a heretic and traitor.[1]

Adam was supported by Lyradis and Calorum in the ensuing years. He was apparently confident that of the candidates advanced for the position of Blazing Avatar, Marglum was the correct one. Leaders of the Triumvirate began to fear that Adam's methods were too strict and would lead to war. He was invited to - and attended - the Second Grand Ball where Tendaji of Genivana attempted to force the issue, witnessing the selection of Greta Cardion Divinorum and the destruction that it entailed. Following the Ball, he retreated to the Blazing Temple.

Little was heard from Adam or Greta in the following years, until the late 390s when the militants of the Red Earth Uprising began to congregate at the Blazing Temple. Lord Liam of Lyradis travelled to the Temple in 400 to investigate, believing Adam might be in danger, and discovered Adam preparing to sacrifice Paco and preaching the overthrow of earthly authority.

"People of Guilder, of Lyradis! Servants of the Lord, you and I and us! Thank you for coming here today, to this grand event! Today, we begin the casting out of heretics, the punishment of those who consort with heathens, prove our loyalty to the Lord and bring about a new age of prosperity! No longer shall your fields be scorched by blistering heat, but be nourished by gentle light! No longer shall disease take your wives and daughters, and war your husbands and sons! Your incompetent leaders shall be taught the meaning of virtue, while your enemies shall be smitten with righteous fire! Today! Today we witness the birth of a new world! A world of the people!" - Brother Adam[2]

The Sisters Three independently travelled to the Temple to discover Adam's intentions, with Greta coming to believe Adam intended to make himself a second Blazing Avatar.[3] Liam confronted Adam and attempted to cut him down, but Adam survived a sword blow that should have been lethal and turned his magic on Liam, burning him badly and obliging him to sever his own hand to escape.[4][5]

Greta engaged Adam in a magical duel, with Shvedrishti and Glamora attempting to contain the energy. Eventually, Adam was defeated, as Greta summoned the spirit ship of her former tutor Jonas Grumby and forced Adam to step aboard, banishing him to the spirit realm.[6]

Ridovo is a known admirer of Adam's, and the Jaaku Na revere a saint bearing a striking similarity to him.