The Blazing Avatar is the head of the Lord of Fire religion. The Blazing Avatar is said to channel the Lord of Fire Himself and is an important figure throughout the continent, but cannot directly interfere. Gaining his support can be helpful or have unusual effects.

The current Blazing Avatars are deemed to be Greta Cardion Divinorum and Adylla Jarrow Divinorum.

Previous Blazing AvatarsEdit


Hushyarr was a She'er from Arresia and a reincarnation of Mosi. He attempted to convert the faithful of the Lord of Fire to the ways of Radurja, but ultimately caused a schism within the church.

Nissa RodilsignyaEdit

Nissa was the daughter of the Woman of Shlyuz and was resident in Calorum. She was assassinated in 470 on the steps of the Blazing Temple in Caloxdur, stabbed thirteen times.

Greta Cardion DivinorumEdit

The daughter of Simovi Divinorum and Bertra Cardion, Greta was identifed at a young age as a potential Avatar and was publicly revealed at the Grand Ball of 381. For most of the next twenty years she remained withdrawn from the world, while First Brother Adam remained the public face of the Blazing Temple. In 400, at the height of the militant uprising, she was persuaded by Queen Anguri of Raaneka to confront Adam.

Greta discovered that Adam had gone mad and defeated him in a magical duel before banishing him to the spirit realm. Upon her success, however, an unexpected action from Shvedrishti caused Greta herself to depart the world.[1]

Yosi CedroEdit

A Raaneki, Yosi Cedro became the Blazing Avatar at some point in the early 330s. He was renowned as a wise and kind man who did much to build trust in the Blazing Temple among the rulers of Telluris. He was assassinated at the First World's Fair by the assassin Thamiel.

Earlier AvatarsEdit

Little is known of Blazing Avatars before Yosi Cedro. It is believed the previous Avatar was a cruel man with ties to the Order of Fire.