Elbaraz Crest
Region Number 14B
Realm Razdissi Underpire
Population 78,000
Resources Tin, Copper, Andbar Mushrooms (all shared with Guilder)
Religion Animism

Elbaraz is located beneath Guilder, significantly deeper than Razdis is beneath Lyradis. Some links to the surface exist, but most traffic to the region is done underground.


Hykeholt is tthe major city of Elbaraz, consisting of a network of tunnels filled with ramshackle shacks constructed of animal bone, leather, and hard fungus.

The Mouth of Elbaraz is a cave system that spirals round and round, ending in a pool. Within this pool dwell large (shark-sized) blind white fish, and multiple species of squamous oozes. The area constantly stinks of vinegar, from ooze secretions.

The Coins of the Earth: a massive domed cavern, with the walls encrusted with circular fossilised animals, resembling fist-sized stony coins. Enterprising Elbarazi sell them to Guilderine merchants as memorabilia of the caves beneath them.


In order of commonality: Guilderine half-dwarves, a subspecies of dwarves closely akin to both Razdissi and Keldagrim Dwarves, exiled Guilderines and least commonly of all, goblins. Torches are only found in areas populated by the still not entirely cave adapted exiled Guilderenes.


Tin is mined, as it is in Guilder.

Copper is also frequently mined.

Andbar Mushrooms were discovered in 391. They are a variety of large edible mushrooms, with a very slight hallucinogenic effect if consumed in excess. They are believed to have been transplanted from Andbar's Forest in Razdis in ages past, probably by the Elbarazi dwarven subspecies as a food source.

Elbaraz is in constant need of food, as little grows in the cramped tunnels.


Elbarazi largely follow the same mineral animism as Razdis, with some Guilderine money-worship as a minority.