Khalifate of Crima
Regions Crima
Ruler High Chieftain Umajin (last independent)
Player NPC
Abbreviation CRI
Capital Cree, Crima
Status Defunct
Abolished 453
Sovereignty Lesser Vassal
Liege Kingdom of Ashenia
Vassals None

The Khalifate of Crima was the independent, later vassal, realm of the Cree people established by High Chieftain Ryazen and developed by her son, Umajin. Following Umajin's death at the Battle of Aldbury Field it became a vassal of Bordeux and later of Ashenia. In 453 the reigning Khalif was overthrown by Oluska Geriin with support from a woman claiming to be Karaji, the long-lost granddaughter of Umajin. Oluska then established the Tyranny of New Crima.

At its height under Umajin just before the Great Tellurian War, the Khalifate of Crima was a major military power, with a very powerful army relative to the Khalifate's population and size and a navy comparable to that of the nearby Jewelled Cities, a major economic power due to its status as a member of the Union of the North and its relatively advanced technology for the time period, and still a relevant diplomatic power due to the same Union membership and widespread influence. Unfortunately, the centralized nature of its power structure led to a sharp decline when High Chieftain Umajin's plots collapsed around him, leaving Crima's leadership in the hands of Bordeusi administrators who could not hope to provoke the same widespread respect from their Cree subjects as Umajin had recieved.