Neo Scandza
Region Number 76A
Realm Fera
Population 52 000
Resources Aizium 「Metal」 2/3

Zjörnu Bruka 「Crystals」 2/3

Imports Yaks 「47A」
Religion Unorganised worship of the Stars - Majority

Laiks Riqis - Minority

Geography Edit

Though most of Neo Scandza[1] is a mass of jagged reddish-brown rock littered with bright green pools of highly dangerous liquid, Griuhna Sjova is by far the largest of these pools. It is said that during the middle of the day when the sun shines too bright for the average Haljan to see, whispers of those who once lived in Fera a long time ago may be heard. These whispers on occasion provide valuable information, though far more often they are snippets of conversation from the past. During the night, Griuhna Sjova is often shrouded in mist and thus highly dangerous.

The Lonely Caverns or Ainakls Hulundi are a vast cave system dotted throughout the mountains of the north. They are named such due to being the only known caves not to echo. Due to being home to naturally occurring Zjörnu Bruka, Ainakls Hulundi are a very beautiful, popular place to visit. The majority of Masked Ones may be found in and around Ainakls Hulundi.

Blews Fjalihriggs is a large plateau among the tallest peaks of the north central mountains. Upon the plateau are a series of dimly glowing blue interlocking rings set in the ground. Occassionally, these rings will grow dark and a larger ring with a strange pattern inside will appear. The Masked Ones appear within the ring when this occurs with no memories, though they very quickly learn various invaluable skills such as the Haljan language.

People Edit

The population is divided roughly equally between Griuhna Haljans and the Masked Ones.

Other than being roughly a skaurpjo-hondas shorter than their more common counterpart, featuring faintly glowing green stripes along each leg and the front of each pincer and the same ears as a Masked One (see below), Griuhna Haljans are the same as the Haljans of the Land of the Last Clockwork Waltz. Unlike the Haljans of Halja, the Griuhna Haljans have largely adopted the fashion of the Haljans of the Land of the Last Clockwork Waltz. Some, however, still wear the traditional light green or brown shirt with a long black vest.

The Masked Ones are incredibly delicately built, tall humanoids standing at between three and four skaurpjo-hondas taller than the tallest Haljan. It is largely unknown what a Masked One looks like without clothes as they are never seen as such and never wear form-fitting clothing. They always wear long sleeves, high collars and some sort of mask which covers their lower face. Their clothes cover them down to their feet, which are relatively large, completely round dense material. Masked One fashion is diverse and involves mostly black clothing accompanied by various brightly coloured accents which usually compliment their visible physical features.

The Masked Ones have unusual ears. Unlike a Haljan's ear (which is a pointed human-like ear), the Masked Ones have ears which are almost one skaurpjo-hondas long. These ears are tipped with hard claw-like stuff and can be moved expressively. While Griuhna Haljans' ears gradient to black tips, the Masked Ones' ear tips' colours are bright greens, blues, reds, coppers or purples. Their skin tone ranges from a very pale silvery-green to silvery-copper to shimmery silver with small spots matching their ears dotted sparsely along their hairline, on the cheekbones and backs of their hands. The skin around their eyes and eyelid are the same colour as their ears, the colour blending smoothly into the face except where it meets the eyebrows. A Masked One's hair appears to be smooth metallic dreadlocks and ranges in colour between a light silver and pure white with one or two streaks which match the tips of their ears. Despite feeling more like metal and each dread being a single, smooth piece, a Masked One's hair behaves similarly to humans.

Unlike many species of Airtha, the Masked Ones appear completely androgynous and lack any courting behaviour. They subsist entirely on Zjörnu Bruka, various stones and metals, though one has never been observed to eat. The Masked Ones are one of the few forms of life to be found within Neo Scandza.

Resources Edit

The rich colour of Aizium is well known throughout Fera; a colour that can be found almost everywhere due to its popularity with the Ferans. Though Aizium itself is anything between copper and brass, most Haljans prefer the more copper colouration. Unfortunately, the knowledge required for the creation of Aizium was lost long ago and thus most Aizium-like metals one sees while in Fera is indeed some sort of copper. In the depths of Ainakls Hulundi lies an abundance of the three different ores which can be combined to form the legendary alloy known as Aizium. The neon blue ore may be forged into a metal which is persistently cool to the touch, yet oxidises easily into a sort of greenish-blue powder. The neon green ore may be forged into a metal which conducts the strange energies of Vatn-Dauths better than any other and perhaps even amplifies it, yet melts far too easily to be useful despite it being possible to consistently reforge the metal. The pure white ore may be forged into a metal which is incredibly lightweight and keeps shape well, yet forging it in the first place is an ordeal rarely worth the bother. Though it keeps its shape far better than all but the rarest of metals found in Airtha and has never been known to rust, the metal never seems to form the desired shape despite the efforts of the best smiths of Fera (and some from beyond).

The very few relics of Aizium left posess the most useful traits and none of the weaknesses of the three metals used to forge the alloy. Perhaps were the unspeakable events commonly known to the denizens of Airtha as the 'Cataclysm' never to have happened, effective Aizium forging would still occur today. The most those of Fera have been able to achieve is nothing compared to Aizium of old, though still a superior metal for the creation of various things such as clockwork. Furthermore, the ease with which the metal may be reshaped with little loss of quality is rather useful though to do such a thing requires the hottest of forges found within the depths of Auf-Graundas. Strangely enough, however, Aizium is rarely made into weapons. The Ferans themselves (especially the Haljans) refuse to wield an Aizium weapon into battle. The few Aizium scythes the Griuhna Haljans wield today lack a sharp edge, though sharpening an edge is indeed possible. Though softer than many of the rarer metals of Airtha, a properly hammered Aizium edge easily competes with aforementioned rare metals.

Also known as sight crystals, the Zjörnu Bruka can be found scattered across the surface of Neo Scandza. A large portion of these crystals are black, with the others coloured the same as the Masked Ones' ear-tips. One popular theory is that Zjörnu Bruka are linked to the Masked Ones in some manner. Zjörnu Bruka gain their nickname for the properties evident when looking through them. The Zjörnu Bruka magnify, clarify and make things easier to see in the light or shadow and though one can't see colours normally, strange colours around living things become visible.