Pryonia Crest
Region Number 16A
Realm Kingdom of Calorum
Population 128,000
Resources Coal, Crystal, Lord of Fire relics, Grain
Religion Lord of Fire


Mountains are common, with snow being a constant factor in life. Caverns are surprisingly common, including the seers caves where crystal grows and the seers say they can see the what will happen. It's all rubbish of course, but the crystal is valued as a very reflective surface for mirrors, and holds a sharp edge. In other caverns, coal is common, as are ores like tin and lead. These ores have led to wealth for whatever clan holds them. A defining feature of the area is the black wood, where most of the lumber in the Pryonic lands comes from. But the black wood is dangerous, with things made of purest ice said to guard its heart. The last important landmark is the Temple of the Flame, a huge temple to fire that took nearly a century to complete. It is one the most common pilgrimage sites, and known as the place where an army of heathens was defeated. This happened in the "distant past" and is likely exaggerated, but pilgrims still flock here to worship and await holy benediction.


The people in this land are fair skinned, dark haired, and relatively short. They are fiercely clannish, but less so in recent years.


The people of the Pryonic lands are very religious and dedicated to the Lord of Fire and his burning avatar. VERY MUCH SO. They could even be called fanatic.


For the fourth and much of the fifth century, Pryonia was the capital region of a realm known outside its borders as the Pryonic Kingdom. In the late 430s the government was unified with the Kingdom of Calorum, and the Pryonic Kingdom was partitioned between the Hurosha vassals.