Sixth Raaneki Games
Host Queen Bhakti and King Titka II of Raaneka
Year 422
Location Kindred Stadiums, Raaneka
Champion Princess Ambryn Jarrow
Previous Fifth Raaneki Games
Next First Tellurian Games

The Sixth Raaneki Games were held in 422 in the Kindred Stadiums of Bandar and Sarab.

The events were revised for this Games. The Jielf tournament and mock naval battle were removed from the schedule, while an aerial race and naval race were introduced. It was widely claimed in AQUA that the naval battle was removed to avoid embarrassment since the recent completion of the Grand Canal would enable their ships to compete for the first time.

These were the last Games to be held in Raaneka. It was announced that the Games were Raaneka's gift to the world and would now be hosted in other locations around Telluris.

Ambryn Jarrow became the first foreigner to win the long jump event. At the conclusion of the Games, she married the champion of the previous Games, Qzare Li Tailong, after a long courtship.


Caragita: A contest in four parts: a foot race, long jump, javelin throw, and wrestling. Prize for best overall is the highest honor of the Games. Special recognition is given for distinguished performance in each event.

Aerial Race: A race in three parts: a test of agility along the cliffs of the Painted Coast, a test of endurance over the Lower Berrylands, and a test of speed in the final climb to Sarab. Any flying mount may be used. Prize awarded to best overall, with special recognition for distinguished performance in each leg of the race.

Arts Contest: Any craft or display of art may be submitted. Prize awarded for finest skill and overall beauty.

Duel Tournament: Any blunted weapons may be used. Prize awarded to the character with the best win/lose/draw record.

Demonstration Events: Noncompetitive display of any cultural artifact (e.g. weapons styles, poetry, etc.).

Mass Melee: Party-based combat against all realms in three parts: initial war cry, mock battle, and post-battle revelry. Prize awarded to the last party standing, with special recognition for distinguished performance in each of the three phases of the event.

Mounted Race: A race in three parts from Bandar to Sarab. Any landborne mount may be used. Prize awarded to the best overall.

Naval Race: A race from Bandar Harbor along the Painted Coast and back. Prize awarded to the best overall.

Event WinnersEdit

Caragita: Princess Ambryn Jarrow, Jarrland

Aerial Race: Unknown Triumviral competitor

Arts Contest: Marcia Caercia Palas Caercia

Duel Tournament: Tie: Hawkeye Grumby, AQUA, Ambryn Jarrow, Jarrland

Mass Melee: Jarrland (commnded by Duke Wiltor of Sunder)

Mounted Race: Prince Atheldynn Jarrow, Requiem horse, Jarrland

Naval Race: AQUA