Telluris is the world on which the events in the first EMPIRE! setting and game take place.

Empire World Map 440

The explored area of Telluris in c.440.


Telluris is believed to be a globe roughly 12,500 miles in circumference at the Equator (20,000 Pryonic kilometres).


The modern history of Telluris begins in 330, the start of a decade which saw the rise to power of several remarkable leaders who would change the world, including Dyamus Ignato, Umajin of Crima, Jonas Grumby and Loki Ethmorl.

For a detailed history, see the History of Telluris.


The total population of the known area of Telluris is around 100 million, roughly half of whom are human. The remainder are mostly demihumans, including fae and berapi, although there are a number of sentient non-human species, including the Beastfolk, Haljans, Lizardfolk and the Menhirin.


Natural resources are abundant. While the most commonly-used metal is iron, with some cultures still making use of bronze, there are also a number of metals with special properties present, including mithril, adamantine and orichalcum. Gold is believed to be slightly more common than silver.

The most common domesticated animal is the goat.


Prior to 330, the dominant religion on the north-central continent was the Lord of Fire, headed by the Blazing Avatar. Over the following decades, however, the church of the Lord of Fire began to decline partly for reasons internal to the church and partly as a result of competition from new faiths.